Eden Arts Picnic Cinema


[one_half2 class=”mobhide2″] When Eden Arts, a Penrith based arts organisation first got in touch with us regarding this project we knew instantly that we wanted to work on it with them. The brief was to design and supply a mobile cinema system, suitable for use both indoors and out and capable of being viewed by audiences of up to 500 people. The finished system consisted of: 1x Eiki 8000 ANSI Lumen Full HD projector, 1x sound system with components form Electrovoice, Crown & DBX, 1x Kramer HD switcher/scaler, playback devices, custom patch bay and bespoke flightcases. [/one_half2][one_half2_last class=”mobhide2″] The system is used in diverse locations such as forests, parks and medieval castles, which is testament to its durability and quality. We’re very proud to be associated with Eden Arts and hope the general public continue to enjoy movies showed on this robust and powerful system. [/one_half2_last]