Curzon Cinema


[one_half2 class=”mobhide2″] The developers of this exciting new leisure/residential development in the centre of Ripon approached Soundsmith with a requirement for two complete full HD cinema systems. We responded by designing two completely independent systems, which can also be linked when required therefore increasing capacity for popular films & events. We specified Eiki full HD projectors, large micro-perforated screens and full JBL surround sound systems. The systems are controlled from a separate location within the building, therefore video feeds are provided so that the operator knows what’s happening “on the ground”. [/one_half2][one_half2_last class=”mobhide2″] We also installed infra-red assistive listening systems from Sennheiser in place of traditional hearing loops and a satellite TV feed so that live events can be screened within the venues. The systems we designed and installed provide Ripon’s only cinema experience for the general public and we’re really pleased to have been involved in it’s construction. [/one_half2_last]