Althorp Literary Festival


[one_half2 class=”mobhide2″] An impressive performance in grand surroundings. Althorp hosts an annual literary festival within the Spencer family’s house, during which authors address audiences and invite questions on their latest books. Soundsmith were asked to quote for providing full AV assistance for the whole festival, including PA systems (Nexo, Electrovoice), mixers (Soundcraft), multi-channel radio microphone systems (Trantec and Sennheiser), video projectors, laptops and technical staffing. [/one_half2][one_half2_last class=”mobhide2″] Because of the priceless nature of most of the objects in the house, we operated with extreme care during set-up/de-rig and increased our liability insurance accordingly. We have been working with Althorp on the literary festival annually since 2007. [/one_half2_last]